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Konstantin Saroyan is the Chief Executive Officer of NASDAQ OMX Armenia jsc. Mr. Saroyan is a representative of new generation executives with extensive experience in banking management and technology development and implementation in Armenia. He started his career in 1999, heading marketing, HR, strategic planning, business development in a number of Armenian banks, as well as clearing and settlement department of Central Depository of Armenia.

In 2004-2011 Mr. Saroyan acted as Head of Internal Audit, and afterwards as Member of Management Board in Armswissbank and later in 2011 joined NASDAQ OMX Armenia ojsc as Chief Executive Officer, leading the company's strategic and operational management and implementing a range of innovations, related to modernization of Armenian securities market infrastructure.

Mr. Saroyan attended to various seminars and trainings, both local and abroad, participated in Working groups of USAID, UNDP and other international organizations as an expert of capital market development. He is the expert of Corporate Governance Development Working group by OECD.

Mr. Saroyan graduated from Yerevan State Univercity and holds PhD in Economics. He was also a lecturer in a number of Universities in Armenia, currently teaching in Frech University of Armenia Foundation.




Karen Zakaryan, Deputy CEO, Head of Market Services, Head of Business DevelopmentKaren_Zakaryan


Mr. Zakaryan started his career in 1999 in Supervisory Authority of Armenian securities market. Prior to 2002 Mr. Zakaryan worked in regulatory authorities, dealing with licensing, regulation and supervision of market participants, including the stock exchange and the depository.

Mr. Zakaryan was involved in formation and registration of Armenian Stock Exchange and the Depository as self-regulatory organizations. Starting from 2002 Mr. Zakaryan held the position of Deputy CEO of Armenian Stock Exchange Self-Regulatory Organization. After the demutualization and acquisition of the company by NASDAQ OMX, Mr. Zakaryan was re-appointed in the position of Deputy CEO, meanwhile heading Market Services Department of the Exchange as well as Business Development Department of both Exchange and Depository.




Elena Melik-Karamova, Chief AccountantElena_Melik-Karamova


Elena Melik-Karamova joined the Armenian Stock Exchange as Chief Accountant in 2004 and has continued in the same capacity at NASDAQ OMX Armenia. She is responsible for all matters related to finance and accounting, including budgeting, forecasting, financial control, and reporting.

Ms. Melik-Karamova has extensive experience working as chief accountant and finance officer at companies across various industries.




Armine Avetisyan, Chief legal counselArmine Avetisyan

Armine Avetisyan joined NASDAQ OMX Armenia in October 2014. She has extensive experience working with government and banking sector institutions. Armine started her career as a legal adviser at "Armswissbank" CJSC. From 2012 to 2014 she continued her work at "VTB BANK (Armenia)" CJSC and than at the Ministry of Finance of RA as Deputy of the head of Law Department.

Armine Avetisyan graduated from Yerevan State University. Since 2010 she is a member of RA Chamber of Advocates, Advocate.


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