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Customer Rights

Any entity shall have the right to obtain information on services provided by the Depository and tariffs approved. Such information can be obtained from Issuer Services, Services to Security Holders and Depository Rules sections of this website, and is also posted in the area adjacent to the CDA Customer service hall.


Customer Suggestions and Complaints

Any suggestions and complaints in respect of the services received from the Deposiory can be directed to the management of the "Central Depository of Armenia" ojsc (CDA) via the Customer suggestion box placed in the CDA Customer service hall, or by using contacts provided here. Customer suggestions and complaints are discussed according to the CDA "Procedure for Consideration of Customer Suggestions and Complaints" (Armenian version downloadable here).

Customers' material claims not exceeding AMD 10 million will be considered according to the following procedure. A blank form for submission of such claims (in *.doc format) can be downloaded here.



Individual customers can also have their rights protected by the Armenian Financial System Mediator (FSM).

Note: "Central Depository of Armenia" ojsc (CDA) has not waived its right to appeal against the decisions of the Financial System Mediator. Therefore, the CDA reserves the right to apply to Court against FSM decisions as it sees fit.



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