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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of the Central Depository of Armenia is appointed by the general meeting of the company’s shareholders and comprises two members and the Chairman. The Supervisory Board approves general strategies and policies of the company, including the CDA Rules, except the issues that, according to the legislation in force, fall under the exclusive authority of the general meeting of shareholders.


Henri Bergström, NASDAQ OMX

Henri Bergstrom

In his position of the Director of New Markets at NASDAQ OMX, Henri Bergström spearheads the company’s initiatives aimed at identifying and acting upon growth opportunities from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. One of the projects he led recently was the acquisition by NASDAQ OMX of stock exchanges and central depositories in the Baltic countries followed by their integration and creation of joint Baltic market and joint offering.

After more than a decade’s experience in the industry (Nokia, TT-Innovation), in 1991, Mr. Bergström started his career in the financial sector as the Deputy CEO of the Finnish Central Securities Depository, which later merged with the Helsinki Stock Exchange (HEX). In 2001 he joined HEX in the capacity of the Head of Issuer Information Services, a unit responsible for providing information and services to listed companies based on depository, registry and stock data. In 2003, after HEX merged with Swedish OM AB, Mr. Bergström was appointed as the Director of New Markets, the position he holds now at NASDAQ OMX.

Mr. Bergström received his MBA degree from Helsinki Business School.




Indars Aščuks , NASDAQ OMXIndars Ascuks

(born June 25, 1980)

Mr. Aščuks is Head of Baltic Markets Development at NASDAQ OMX.

Mr. Indars Aščuks joined NASDAQ OMX Riga (former Riga Stock Exchange) in 2001 as Strategic Projects Manager and since then has held various positions, heading the Market Services department and participating to Management Boards of the Riga Stock Exchange and Latvian Central Securities Depository. Mr. Aščuks also holds the position of Deputy Chairman of Management Board at NASDAQ OMX Riga and since November, 2011, is also the Chairman of the Management Board at the Latvian Central Securities Depository.

Mr. Aščuks has graduated from Stockholm School of Economy in Riga and holds the Master degree from Latvian University.

Konstantin Saroyan, NASDAQ OMX ArmeniaKonstantin Saroyan 

(born June 14, 1978)

Konstantin Saroyan is the Chief Executive Officer of NASDAQ OMX Armenia jsc. Mr. Saroyan is a representative of new generation executives with extensive experience in banking management and technology development and implementation in Armenia. He started his career in 1999, heading marketing, strategic planning in a number of Armenian banks, as well as clearing and settlement department of Central Depository of Armenia. Since 2006 Mr. Saroyan acted as Member of Management Board in Armswissbank and managed various departments of the bank, including internal audit, marketing, PR, human resouces, strategic planning and business development.

Mr. Saroyan attended to various seminars and trainings, both local and abroad, participated in Working groups of USAID, UNDP and other international organizations as an expert of capital market development.

Mr. Saroyan graduated from Yerevan State Univercity and holds PhD in Economics. He was also a lecturer in a number of Universities in Armenia, currently teaching in Frech University of Armenia Foundation

Former CDA Supervisory Board members

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