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"NASDAQ OMX Armenia" is the new official name that the Armenian Stock Exchange has got since January 27, 2009. Besides we use "NASDAQ OMX Armenia" when referring collectively to the two companies - the stock exchange and the Central Depository of Armenia. On June 5, 2009, NASDAQ OMX Armenia became the sole shareholder of the Central Depository of Armenia.

The acronym “NASDAQ” stands for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations”, which is the world’s largest electronic stock market. “OMX” is the brand name of the company, which was established in 2004 as the result of the merger between the Swedish futures and stock exchange OM AB (“Optionsmäklarna”, or “options market”) and Helsinki Stock Exchange (HEX).

In February 2008, NASDAQ and OMX merged to form the NASDAQ OMX Group Inc., the world’s largest exchange company.

Common and preferred stocks, corporate bonds, Government bonds, repurchase agreements (REPO), Swaps, currency (US Dollar and Euro), as well as credit resources (7 days) are traded at present

Only companies holding a license from the Central Bank of Armenia to provide investment services and having obtained membership/market participant status from NASDAQ OMX Armenia can trade on the exchange. A list of such companies can be found in this section of our website. To have a security bought/sold on the stock exchange, please contact any of them.

There are no restrictions applicable. Most of NASDAQ OMX Armenia member investment companies currently serve both local and international customers.

Trading sessions are held every business day of the week, except public holidays. Trading hours for all instruments traded on NASDAQ OMX Armenia are from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

The results of the trading sessions are posted on a daily basis on our official website under Market Data section. Daily and monthly trading session result summaries are provided to “ARKA”, “Arminfo”, and “Mediamax” news agencies. There is an Internet portal dedicated to the Armenian capital markets at www.capitalmarket.banks.am. More detailed analytical information and monthly trading statistics can be found in NASDAQ OMX Armenia monthly bulletins, which are posted here. NASDAQ OMX Armenia also has an agreement on providing market data to Bloomberg and Reuters.

Yes, it is. Trading on NASDAQ OMX Armenia is done via a fully automated trading system, and market participants do not even have to physically come to the stock exchange to buy and sell financial instruments. Instead, they connect to the trading system from terminals installed at their own offices, see all orders in their monitors, and trade remotely. The crowd and the yelling that you may be referring to is a part of the open outcry auction, which they had back when the stock exchanges first started in now developed markets. This such called “trading pits” are still preserved in many countries, if more as a tradition, since almost all trading worldwide is now done through electronic trading platforms.

No, you can not. Only investment companies and banks licensed by the Central Bank of Armenia can become stock exchange members and market participants, and use the trading system. You can only participate in the exchange trading directly if you become a trade participant acting as part, or on behalf of such investment company or a bank.

Whenever we have a vacancy to fill, we publish an announcement on our website and advertise it through various Armenian career portals. NASDAQ OMX Armenia is an equal opportunity employer, which means that we want potential candidates to have equal access to employment opportunities at our company and that we ensure equal and fair treatment for all applicants. You can also consider participating in our internship program.

We are always on look out for bright and dynamic young people who could contribute to the development of the capital market in Armenia. This is why we decided to run our own internship program at NASDAQ OMX Armenia. If you are majoring in business, finance, law, another related field, or information technology and wish to gain experience working in a global company that has presence in more than 20 countries worldwide, then you are invited to participate. During the internship you will get an understanding of the capital market activities and the unique roles of its players. You will also have a chance to apply your knowledge and skills in practice.

NASDAQ OMX is a multicultural working environment, so all applicants are required to demonstrate good command of the English language.

To apply please fill in this Application form and send it along with a recent CV to us by e-mail. We collect applications, select and interview candidates on an ongoing basis, so please be patient if you are not contacted immediately.

Yes. You can participate even if you are an undergraduate student and can only dedicate part of your time to the internship program.