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Converse Bank Listed Bonds in Three Currencies


On September 5, Converse Bank listed dram-, dollar- and euro- denominated coupon bonds on NASDAQ OMX Armenia Exchange's Primary Abond List.

The bank listed dram-denominated bonds with a total nominal value of 3 billion AMD and coupon rate of 9.5% (ISIN - AMCOVSB25ER2); dollar-denominated bonds with a total nominal value of 10 million USD and coupon rate of 5.25% (ISIN - AMCOVSB26ER0); and euro bonds with a total nominal value of 5 million EUR and coupon rate of 4% (ISIN - AMCOVSB27ER8).

The bonds have a 36-months maturity period with a semi-annual coupon payment.

Currently, Converse Bank has 6 bonds in different currencies and yields listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia.

To learn more about Converse Bank’s bonds, please visit Instruments.

Updated as of: 05.09.2018