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ARMECONOMBANK listed bonds worth 2 million US dollar on NASDAQ OMX Armenia


On August 1, 2018, ARMECONOMBANK listed 2 million USD denominated coupon bonds on NASDAQ OMX Armenia Exchange's Secondary Bbond List.

The bank listed 20,000 coupon bonds with a nominal value of USD 100, coupon rate of 5% and a 27-months maturity period with a quarterly coupon payment. The bonds will be traded under the HEZBB4 ticker symbol (ISIN - AMHEZBB24ER2) and will be allowed to manual and REPO trading as well.

Currently, ARMECONOMBANK has three bonds in different currencies and yields listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia.

To learn more about ARMECONOMBANK’s bonds, please visit: Instruments

Updated as of: 01.08.2018