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USD denominated coupon bonds by ARMBUSINESSBANK CJSC listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia.


Starting from December 19, 2017 USD deominated nominal coupon bonds issued by “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC will be listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia and included in the bonds' secondary (Bbond) list.  

Current issue of the Bank's bonds comprises 172,000 coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 100, coupon rate of 7.5% and maturity period of 36 months.The bonds (ISIN - AMARBBB23ER2) will be traded under ARBBB3 ticker symbol and will be allowed to manual and REPO trading as well.

The list of securities listed and admitted to trading on NASDAQ OMX Armenia, is available on “Instruments” page of our website.



Armbusinessbank was established in 1991 as shareholding bank “Arminvestbank”. In 2006 Bank was renamed “Armbusinessbank” CJSC. “Armbusinessbank” CJSC is a financial organization which has been organized to provide banking and similar services to individuals and organizations. Armbusinessbank has been a member of NASDAQ OMX Armenia since February 27, 2009. The Bank is also a Depository system Account Operator and a Pension System Account Operator, as well as Regulated market settlement system member. For further information please visit

Updated as of: 19.12.2017