"Let's Develop Armenian Capital Market: Issues of Demand and Supply in the Market"

2nd Student Essay Contest

2011 Student Essay Contest Winners:

1. Lusine Karapetyan, 4th year student of Finance at Yerevan State Economic University

2. Hasmik Makaryan, 4th year student of Finance at Yerevan State Economic University

3. Gohar Haruthunyan, 1st year Master student of Finance at Yerevan State Economic University

About the Contest

We were pleased by the interest of the youth towards capital market and the 1st Essay contest announced in 2010 revealed many talented students.

This year we are glad to announce the 2nd Student Essay Contest under the title "Let's Develop Armenian Capital Market: Issues of Demand and Supply in the Market".

Topics to be covered within the Essay Contest

In their essays contestants should answer one of the following questions:

  • How can the demand side of the Armenian securities market be stimulated?
  • Which are the problems of IPO in Armenia and their solution?

Order and Requirements of Essay Submission

All the essays should be submitted in Armenian, Russian or English.

Essays should be submitted electronically in MS Word format, page A4, text style: font Times New Roman and Sylfaen (for Armenian), size 12 (11 for Armenian), spacing 1.5, margins: 1.5 cm top and bottom, 3 cm left and 1.5 cm right . All the materials used should be properly sited and list of used literature should be present at the end of essay. Essay should not exceed 5-8 pages.

Students of all higher educational institutions, having state accreditation, can participate in the Contest. Each contestant should submit only one essay.

Essays, along with duly completed Application form along with scan of passport and social security card, should be submitted until December 30, 2011, 18:00 to info@nasdaqomx.am with "Essay Contest" in the subject line.

Essays not complying to the abovementioned requirements shall not be considered by NASDAQ OMX Armenia.

Order of Essay Assessment and Choosing the Best

All the essays will be assessed in 10 score system by the factors below. The final score will be decided as product of scores for each factor and the relevant factor ratio:

  • new or interesting idea expressed in the essay: 0.5
  • specific and right presentation and analysis: 0.3
  • correct structure, spelling and smooth wording: 0.2

In January, 2012 all the essays will be assessed by the Group of specialists of NASDAQ OMX Armenia and the best essays will be published on NASDAQ OMX Armenia official web-site, while the authors of the best 3 essays will be invited to Award ceremony, where the winner will be announced.

Contest prizes include a financial reward, certificate by NASDAQ OMX Armenia, as well as an invitation to Best Member Award ceremony, where authors of the best essays will have a chance to meet in person and establish relations with Armenian capital market participants.

Updated as of: 12.05.2017